The company as an emerging conglomerate in design and construction industry started its consulting services in late 2012 and has plans to extend its professional activities in accordance with the growth of its experience, human and financial resources. The company is formed by two founders and it is envisaged to be one of the best in delivering state of the art design, technical specification and supervision services in a range of disciplines – architecture, structure, electromechanical, sanitary, construction management and contract administration.
More over the company is desirous to contribute to the country’s construction industry by creating conducive working environment to its in-house young and competitive professionals in releasing their full potential. Besides, in close collaboration with clients, projects are optimized for the best possible outcome in terms of form, space, function, material and technology within set time frame and budget. Team work among professionals is our distinctive quality which can synergize their knowledge and learn from one another to device fully integrated design solutions.
From the beginning, we base our design philosophy into simple, cost effective, contextual and environmentally friendly with special emphasis to sustainability. We consolidate the skills, passion and expertise of integrated design teams and clients to create inspirational built environment.
We ensure consistency and keep quality of our products through a team that reviews a project, both formally and informally, from beginning to end. The team is led by the managing director and has full responsibility to originate, change and redirect design whenever necessary.

Vision & Mission


To provide best professional services with state of the art solutions irrespective of project size or profitability.


Cheetah consulting services is committed to consistent improvement of its professional services through high level of professional integrity and commitment by creating opportunities for young and competitive professionals to apply their knowledge towards development and service of society..


The company is ultimately devoted to push the nation’s developmental thrive a step forward by its competence service. The main service it provides is consulting in architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, sanitary engineering, mechanical engineering, quantity surveying, construction supervision and contract administration. The company is dedicated to offer professional services oriented to clients’ needs based on international standards, codes and more over a commitment to excellence.

The services cover a wide range of activities and include:

  • Schematic and Preliminary designs
  • Detailed working drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • Bill of quantities
  • Conditions of contracts
  • Analysis of tenders
  • Construction management
  • Supervision of construction
  • Preparation of interim and final payments
  • Control of materials testing